Monday, December 2, 2013

And Away They Go!

The wines have been released! Less than two weeks ago I went to pick up my labels at the printers office in Beaverton, then that Saturday I labelled 15 cases using the Kramers labeling machine. Becky invited me to pour at Urban Decanter that night, a most casual setting. It marked the unofficial release of Random Wine Companys wines.

Officially, last Friday was the first time my wines had been poured for the general public. The Kramers invited me to pour at their winery over Thanksgiving weekend and that's what I did for three days. All told, I believe I sold several cases of each wine, a very pleasant surprise. The split was nearly down the middle too, which is even more surprising as I've long felt that my Tempranillo is more mainstream than my Petit Verdot.

So there you have it, the wines are now released! This week brings the fun new challenge of shipping them out to thirsty people across the country. It was only after I added up how many boxes I had to ship did I get a grasp of how much wine will be left afterwards. Not a whole lot! That's good though, because it means my idea of working with tiny amounts of fruit has some merit.

This week I also hope to take my wines out to retailers and restaurants around Portland in the hopes of securing some placements on menus or store shelves. Cross your fingers for me please!

To order either wine, please email me and I'll get everything taken care of.

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